Massena student earns first-degree black belt
Tuesday, August 21, 2012 - 11:46 am

MASSENA -- A Massena student was recently promoted to the rank of First Dan.

Jack K. Bain, a student at Jeet Gi Taekwondo in Massena was promoted to First Dan, first-degree black belt. Jeet Gi Taekwondo head instructor and 3rd degree black belt Sa bum nim Jonathan A. French administered the black belt test with assistance from fellow black belt Ken Labarge from Zen Do Kai in Massena as well as blackbelt Jonathan G. French of Jeet Gi Taekwondo.

Throughout this physically challenging black belt test Bain demonstrated the physical techniques of tae kwon do, as well as demonstrating knowledge of the history of this sport/art.

At the end of this rigorous test Jack K. Bain dedicated and gave his black belt, which he worked so hard for, to his head Taekwondo instructor Jonathan A. French. Having a black belt dedicated to an instructor is the highest honor any Martial art instructor could ever have.