Mapleview Dairy employee in Madrid honored by Health Initiative
Wednesday, August 14, 2013 - 6:38 am

Anthony Law, a Mapleview Dairy employee, won the most recent wellness challenge at the Madrid farm.

MADRID -- Mapleview Dairy, Madrid donated $1,932 to the New Beginnings Building Fund, following a St. Lawrence County Health Intitiative challenge.

The St. Lawrence County Health Initiative’s WorkWell Investments program, has been providing an employee wellness program for the past two years.

Employees have participated in tobacco cessation, wellness education presentations and biometric screenings.

From April 22 through May 31 of this year, their employees competed in a pedometer challenge as part of this program.

Over the six-week challenge, employees carried a pedometer in their pocket and were asked to record their daily steps on a tracking form. Employees reported that they enjoyed the friendly competition and how wearing a pedometer positively impacted their personal activity level.

A total of 4,079,565 steps, which is equivalent to 1932 miles, was recorded.

Anthony Law, the grand prize winner, Anthony Brewer and Virginia Irish all received gift certificates for their participation. Jordan Fisher was recognized for walking the largest number of steps, 149,703 (over 70 miles), in one week.

As part of the challenge, Mapleview employees were challenged to reach 12,000,000 steps. If this goal was reached, the farm would donate money to the Madrid New Beginnings Building Fund. Even though they were shy of this goal, Mapleview donated $1932 to the fund.

Business sponsored employee wellness programs can make a difference in the life of both employees and the community where the business is located. Mapleview Dairy’s employee wellness program is truly an added benefit for both their employees and the community.