Hou promoted to associate professor at Clarkson University in Potsdam
Wednesday, June 13, 2012 - 10:14 am

POTSDAM -- Clarkson University President Tony Collins has announced that Daqing Hou has been granted tenure and promoted from assistant professor to associate professor of electrical engineering in the Wallace H. Coulter School of Engineering.

Hou has been a faculty member in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department since 2006. He has a Ph.D. in computing science from the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta.

His teaching and research interests are in software engineering, software reuse, developer tools, software engineering education, and applications of statistical learning theory. His technical expertise includes code analysis, formal methods, empirical studies, and research evaluation.

Hou's active research projects focus on empirical studies of API (application programming interfaces) usage problems as well as the design and evaluation of effective developer tools to help address these problems. He has also conducted interdisciplinary collaborative research projects on power engineering reliability and biometrics.

Hou has taught courses in introductory software design, graphical user interface design, web application development, and software analysis.

Hou has advised two Ph.D. dissertations and eight master of science theses. Currently, he is advising four master of science and two Honors Program students. His graduating Ph.D. student has accepted an offer to become a tenure-track assistant professor this fall.

Hou has published 40 peer-reviewed research papers. His work has been funded by AFRL, CITeR, IBM, and NYSERDA. He regularly serves on the program committees of the IEEE International Conference on Program Comprehension, the IEEE International Conference on Software Maintenance, and the IEEE Working Conference on Reverse Engineering. He is also a reviewer for several software engineering journals.