Colton Amvets Post 262 lists memory tree names
Friday, December 31, 2010 - 9:54 am

Colton Amvets Post 262 for the past few years has sponsored a Memory Tree during the Christmas season. The following is a list of those remembered:

Donor: Edward & Mary Long - in memory of Johnny Long, Jimmy & Margaret Long, Howard & Julia Jones , Donna & John Regan, Harold Regan, Esther & Connie Buckley, Julia Goodrow, Peyton James Johnson, Kyle Cartier, Garrett Hobbs, Shawn Regan, Fred & Christ Dart, John Hall, Dale Collins, Ralph Hobbs and David Farnsworth

Donor Annadean L. White - in memory Edwin J. White, Irene E. Clark, Helen Collins, John R. burns and Ruth White.

Donor Gene & Mary Sunderland - in memory Jerry McCarthy, Sheila Sunderland and Jesse McCarthy.

Donor Grace, Tim & Kevin Hawley - in memory Morris (Buzzy) Hawley, Morris (Mike) Hawley, Flora Hawley Garner, Edith & Bert Robert, Paul Robert & Linda Wilson.

Donor Arthur & Robin Green - in memory Arthur & Grace Green, Mike Green, Fred Green, Tony Green, Walt Whitman, Sheila Sunderland, Jerry McCarthy, Richard Williams, Ralph & Betty Hunt, Leonard & Josephine White, Frank & Florence Hunt, Robert & Ruby Ladd, Debbie Hunt, Richard Bennett, Rachel Murray.

Donor Sarah Sevey - in memory Clyde (Junior) Sevey, Scott Sevey, Mary N. Fisher, Elmer A. Fisher, Stevie, Fisher, Tony Fisher, Larry Fisher, Pearl & Clyde Sevey, David & Pat Sevey, Marshall Sevey, Howard Sevey, Grace & John (Buddy) Olmstead, Joan Whyte, John Schmidt, Betty Watson, Asa Garlough, Eileen Bates, Elsie Miller, Blanchard Howe, Jr., Florence Cole, Michael Aldrich, Tom Ward, Francis Doyle, Iona McKay, Tom McKinley, Elva Hutchinson, Linda Wilson, Lorena Matthie, William Lennox, Carol Davis, Richard Murray and Carson Scovil.

Donor Freda, Michael, Adam, Christine Whitman - in memory Duane Whitman, Walter Whitman, Arthur & Grace Green, George Tyrell, Daniel Petrie, Archie Green, Tony Green, Sheila Sunderland, Lee Mousaw, Clark Robert, Lawrence Fountain, and Jerry McCarthy.

Donor Jeannie, Wally, Darrell Whaley & Jeff, Missy, Steven & Paige Sunderland - in memory Sheila Sunderland

Donor Ed & Kelly McCarthy - in memory Jesse D. McCarthy, David & Kathleen Amo and Richard McCarthy.

Donor Roger & Leota Scovil - in memory Jamie R. Scovil, Jeremy C. Scovil, Carson, Scovil, Graydon Scovil, Eleanor Scovil, Artis, Scovil, Amber Scovil, Harry Scovil, Kyle Cartier, Myron Beckstead, Lillian Beckstead, Clinton Beckstead, Addie Young, Frank Young, Lawrence Young, Marshall Matthie, Gerald Young, Dennis Carriere. Donor Nancy Fisher - in memory Ted Fisher

Donor Kelly McCarthy - in memory Jesse McCarthy

Donor Frank & Nancy Shea - in memory Greg Shea, Dennis J. Shea, Rachel & Harley Mullen, Sarah & Ned Fisher, Pearl & Frank Gilmore, Julia & Dennis Shea, Linda Wilson, Lathryn Paul, Florence Cole, Barb todd and Lorraine Litten.

Donor Kevin Helmar - in memory William Helmar, Richard McCarthy, Laurie Cohen, Jesse McCarthy and Mike Fisher.

Donor Nancy York - in memory William C. Ashton, Robert Ashton, Delmar Ashton, William & Maude Ashton.

Donor Mike Mason - in memory Francis Mason, Leo Swartsfigure and Bud Newtown

Donor Bob & Mary Lou Agel - in memory Harriette Place, Don Place, Dorothy Agel, Charles Agel, Jamie Robinson, Jeff Robinson.

Donor Bob & Bonnie Munson - in memory Everett Munson, Louise Munson, Kathleen Crayford, Eugene Crayford, Arthur Thompson, Irene Thompson.

Donor Butch Arquiett - in memory Glenford Arquiett

Donor Mike Pearl - in memory Emery Pearl, Alice Pearl and Jean Koch.

Donor Dan McKinley - in memory Francis McKinley, Mary Gavin McKinley, Joe McKinley, Jim McKinley, John McKinley and Tom McKinley.

Donor Vicki Stark - in memory Richard McCarthy Sr., Nano Fisher, Jesse D. McCarthy, Mike Fisher, Nancy McCarthy and Jerry McCarthy.

Donor Pam Hartzog - in memory Hugh and Audrey Sprague

Donor Perry & Laura hamilton - in memory of Lucy Woodard, Geraldine Woodard, Paul Hamilton, Hilda Hamilton.

Donor Sybil Marie Gary - in memory Phyllis Baker

Donor Jeff & Denise Scovil - in memory Marshall Matthie, Jeremy Scovil, Jamie Scovil, Lawrence Young, Archie Green, Mildred Lamora, Dennis Carrierre, Carson Scovil, Gloria Lamora, Dorean DeRoucrie, Jesse McCarthy and John Andrews.

Donor Scott & Lisa Todd - in memory Richard & Barb Todd

Donor Bill Rouselle - in memory Paul Besaw

Donor Shirley Whitefore - in memory The Luman Stark Family

Donor Elda Russell - in memory Harris Russell

Donor Dennis Russell - in memory Harris Russell

Donor Linda Stark - in memory Betty Snyder, Ambrose & Lucy Woodard, Varick & Laura Desrosier

Donor Nathank Lyle & Justin Stark - in memory Elmer & Betty Stark

Donor Kathryn Paul's family - in memory Karthryn Paul

Donor Julie, Brooke & Danny Fullerton - in memory William Swan, Danny Swan, Craig Fullerton, Craig Fullerton II

Donor Sally Long - in memory Lawrence Fountain, Tony Green, Walt Whitman, Jerry McCarthy, Bud & Billy Wilson, Harley Wood, Archie Green, Jeremy Scovil, Art & Grace Green, Buzz Hawley, Fred Green, Michael Green, Donald Green, Elsie Fountain, John Long and Dale Robar.