Clarkson University appoints assistant professor of political science
Tuesday, October 29, 2013 - 7:12 am

S.N. Nyeck has been appointed assistant professor of political science at Clarkson University.

She received her bachelor of arts degree with high honors from Swarthmore College and her Ph.D. in political science from UCLA.

Before coming to Clarkson, Nyeck was a teaching assistant at UCLA from 2008-2012. Additionally, she was project coordinator for International Resource Network in Africa, and editor and founder of Outliers Journal.

Her research interests include entrepreneurship in the public sector, public-private partnerships, government contracting, comparative institutional and historical analysis, government spending, and public sector reform. She also examines sexuality and politics, contentious politics, law and culture, and politics and literature.

She has written and edited articles and book chapters about topics such as sexual diversity in Africa, African secret societies and Cuba, nuclear terrorism, and the real costs of population control. Her first book, Sexual Diversity in Africa: Politics, Theory and Citizenship, was released this month from McGill-Queen's University Press.

Her list of recent awards and honors include Institute for Humane Studies, Dissertation Fellowship 2011 and 2012; UCLA International Institute, Fieldwork Fellowship, 2011; Brown International Advanced Research Institute, Brown University; Institute for Social Science Research Summer Fellowship, University of California Los Angeles, 2010; Graduate Summer Research Mentorship Fellowship, University of California Los Angeles, 2009; Cota Robles Fellowship, University of California Los Angeles, 2007-2011; Edward Said/Audre Lorde Scholar Activism Award and the Ruskin Prize, Swarthmore College, 2007.