Clarkson dean of arts and sciences named Distinguished Service Professor
Friday, May 19, 2017 - 8:22 am

POTSDAM -- Associate Dean of the School of arts and sciences Jerry Gravander has been named Distinguished Service Professor for his contributions to higher education by full vote of the Clarkson University board of trustees.

Gravander came to Clarkson more than 40 years ago as an assistant professor of philosophy in what is now the Department of Humanities and social sciences.

During his career he has participated in interdisciplinary research projects on nuclear power, the civil aviation system, potential applications for advanced machine intelligence in space exploration, and solid waste recycling.

Gravander's teaching has ranged from standard philosophy topics to the social, political, and value issues arising from the interaction of science and technology with society. He has published and presented widely on engineering ethics, business ethics, and the impacts of science and technology on society, as well as on liberal education for engineering students.

Gravander has held several administrative positions at Clarkson, including chair of the Department of Humanities and social sciences, and dean of the School of Liberal arts.