Clarkson business professor receives award for excellence in journal writing
Friday, September 10, 2010 - 10:19 am

POTSDAM – Clarkson University School of Business Professor Mary E. Graham and Julie L. Hotchkiss, research economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, recently received a 2010 Emerald Literati "Highly Commended" Award for Excellence at the 2010 Academy of Management Meetings in Montreal, Canada.

Awardees are chosen by journal editorial advisory board members based upon criteria such as contribution of something new to the body of knowledge, excellent structure and presentation, writing rigor in terms of argument or analysis, and relevance.

Graham and Hotchkiss received the award for their paper "A More Proactive Approach to Addressing Gender-Related Employment Disparities in the United States," published in 2009 in the Emerald journal Gender in Management: An International Journal.

The paper applied theories of total quality management to the topic of gender-related employment disparities, and provided an empirical illustration using U.S. Current Population Survey data and an original gender equal employment opportunity scorecard.

The goal of the paper was to provide EEO enforcement agencies a tool with which they can more proactively and efficiently identify employers and industries for investigation, enforcement, or assistance.

"We were seeking to provide new insights for narrowing the persistent gender earnings gap in the United States, and total quality management and statistical process control fit the bill," said Graham. "We think our work will be quite helpful to employers and policy makers."

This is the third paper on which Graham and Hotchkiss have collaborated.

Graham teaches human resource management and leading organizational change classes at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Her research focuses on gender disparities in employment and human resource management and the supply chain. Graham joined the Clarkson faculty in 2000.