Canton-Potsdam Hospital names its employee of the year
Friday, January 31, 2014 - 10:58 am

Pictured from left: Debra Marques-Seaman, RN; David B. Acker, FACHE, CEO; Jennifer Moore and Eric Moore, husband.

POTSDAM -- At a special mid-winter employee celebration event, Jennifer Moore, RN, Medical/Surgical third floor at Canton-Potsdam Hospital was named employee of the year for 2013.

Moore was chosen from 12 finalists who had received special recognition as fellow employees of the quarter throughout the past year.

Her colleagues noted that Moore leads by example, especially through her communication skills. According to statements made to the selection committee, Moore practices tremendous flexibility within her job and has a keen sense of attention to detail.

“Jennifer works tirelessly to provide the very safest care to our patients and expects nothing less of her colleagues as well,” said Debra A. Marques-Seaman, BSN, RN, MSU3 Nurse Director.

She makes the necessary time with her patients to ensure each one clearly understands their medications and recovery instructions to promote healing. In addition to her compassion for those under her care, she practices patience and respect for those she works with and, in turn, is well-respected by her peer nurses, providers, pharmacists, therapists, and all staff across every department.

“She brings a natural sense of balance to everyone involved in providing care and remains impartial and mindful of confidentiality requirements and differences in cultures and traditions. She is always prepared for the unexpected and remains calm and unfazed in emergency situations. She’s a valued nurse at our hospital and I’m very proud of her character and morals both professionally and personally,” added Marques-Seaman.

As employee of the year, Ms. Moore receives Potsdam Gift Certificates, an achievement plaque, floral arrangement, and the admiration of her colleagues.