O'burg's Riverledge appreciates volunteers
Friday, May 24, 2013 - 5:42 pm

RiverLedge Campus recently held a volunteer appreciation day. Pictured from left are Gladys Santora, Joe Fields, Michael Verachech, Carl Closs, Laurena Will, Karen Bogart, Kathy Morse, Ann McManMan, Mary Fishbeck, Ann Oneil, Marissa Power,Toni Rider, Louise Allen, Judy Cyrus and John Power. In the second row are Larry Worden, activities director; George Johnson and Jasmine; Father Shurtleff; Larry Smith; Dan Washburn; Cherie Edwards; Jenni Piatt; Lenora Blank; Rev David Piatt; Shirley Martin; Mike Sharland; Sue Ruppert; Jim Fitzgerald and Dan Wells. For more details see our story.