Alayna Wood with MU SHU  and Peco Bean.gif
Mistaken identity in Morristown
Thursday, August 7, 2014 - 2:26 pm

Two fox pomeranians pose for a picture in Morristown with Alanya Wood, visiting the area from Syracuse. Bruce Dana, who submitted the photo, said he saw the pups from a distance and initially thought they were young foxes. " I thought I spied a couple of red fox pups in my neighborhood but it was a pair of Fox Pomeranians. Alayna Wood from Syracuse who's enjoying her Summer vacation with a visit to her grandparents Bill and Pat Wood here on the St Lawrence River near Morristown thought the little doggies were cute too," Dana wrote. "I was surprised to learn the smaller Fox Pomeranian on the left named 'Mu Shu' was ten years older than the larger 'Peco Bean' on the right. The cuddly canines belong to my neighbors Dean and Sue Walts son Nick's girlfriend Sandy who are visiting from New Hampshire."