'Merry Christmas Pageant' held at mall in Massena
Tuesday, December 10, 2013 - 6:41 am

The Sunburst Pageants held a 'Merry Christmas Pageant' at the St. Lawrence Center in Massena this past weekend. The winners and their runner-ups are eligible to compete in the State Sunburst Pageant in Utica this spring. The winners included: one year-old boy Trayce David, two to three year-old division winner Ellie Dudash, four to six year-old division winner Addison Dumas, and with the highest over all points for infant to five year olds was Nova Lynne Deon. Other winners included seven to 10 year-old division winner Alison Hebert, 11 to 13 year-old division winner Gina Seward and, and 22 to 22 year-old division winner Savannah Thomas. The highest overall points for the five to 27 year-old bracket was Deliah Evelyn. Also pictured is 2013 overall five to 27 year-old division New York State Title Holder Aubrey Daye. The judges included Krista Flint, Crystal Daye, and Renee Barto. Photo submitted from Barto.