Canton basketball champs reunite
Wednesday, August 3, 2011 - 2:31 pm

The Canton Boys 1971 Basketball team recently got together for the 40th anniversary of their win at the Northern League Playoff Championship, 57-56, ending a 41-game OFA winning streak. Larry Hazen scored 24 and Doug Huntley scored 30 of the 57 points. Above, from left, row one: Jerry Hourihan, Coach; Bob McKenney, '76; Lee Cartmill, '67; Josh Cartmill; Eddie Yanchitis, '72. Row two: Rick Durocher, '74; Pat Casey; Jerry Smilgin; Robin Huntley, '76; Jim Fergunson, '76; Rick Mace, '67; Stan Cohen; Mark Cartmill, '71. Row three: Jim Hayden, '73; Walt Rexford, '71; Paul Patterson, '67; Brock Elmore, '77; Bill Moore, '72; Hal Cohen, '76; Larry Hazen, '71. Missing from photo but attended: Doug Huntley, '71, Randy Radway, '72, Bob Sheldon, '73, Lyle Newman, '74.

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