Stonehoney cancels Tuesday show in Potsdam
Monday, August 9, 2010 - 2:35 pm

POTSDAM – Due to unforeseen circumstances, Stonehoney is heading out of the area today and therefore won't be able to play tomorrow's scheduled show at Scoopuccino's in Potsdam.

"We are extremely thankful for everyone that came out and saw us this past week - we had an amazing time playing to my home-town crowd," said Stonehoney member Phil Hurley. "Unfortunately, we must leave earlier than anticipated and we won't be able to perform tomorrow at Scoopuccino's as we had initially hoped."

Stonehoney played three shows in the area this past Thursday, Friday and Saturday and hoped to extend their visit into mid-week, but travel plans changed earlier today.

Stonehoney hopes to return to the area again next summer.