‘Standing room only’ at Massena Artists Association’s juried art exhibit
Thursday, February 13, 2014 - 5:51 pm

Abby Treers (left) receives the Best of Show award from Massena Artists Association Treasurer Cecilia Dewey (right). Ms. Treers received this award for the colored pencil drawing "Hidden" that she submitted to MAA's 29th Annual Juried Art Exhibit. The exhibit will remain on display at the Massena Public Library through February 28.

MASSENA -- There was standing room only at the Massena Public Library Tuesday evening when the Massena Artists Association hosted their 29th Annual Juried Art Exhibit.

This exhibit is the highlight of Massena’s Art Calendar. In addition to showcasing the newest work by well-known local and regional artists, it introduces the work of new and previously unknown artists.

The “Best of Show” award was presented to Abby Treers for her colored pencil drawing, “Hidden.” This is the first time in MAA’s 29 year history that the “Best of Show” award has been won by a high school student.

Abby is the daughter of Ann and Philip Treers of Massena. She is a junior at Massena Central High School, where she is majoring in art. She plans to study art at the college level, and is especially interested in attending either Pratt Institute or the Rhode Island School of Design, where she hopes to major in Drawing and Painting. She enjoys working in all art media, but prefers drawing in pen & ink or in pencil. Her preferred subject matter is portraiture. She also enjoys working in clay.

Her winning entry, “Hidden” shows a young Iraqi woman peering from behind a veil. She created the piece as a statement on the status of women in the Middle East. The woman’s fine silk clothing and flawless complexion indicate that she is from a family with means. But her lonely, piercing gaze implies a hopeless feeling of emotional poverty. Abby’s choice of a monochromatic gray color palette further emphasizes the dichotomy between chic and bleak.

A number of Canadian artists made this year’s exhibit an International Art Show.

The crowd watched the presentation of certificates, ribbons, and cash awards to the winners. The exhibit contains 120 pieces of artwork by 66 different artists.

Prior to the ceremony, Sallie Patterson entertained guests with a medley of familiar tunes on the piano.

Other award winners are as follows:

First Place Awards:

Caron Roulston for her oil painting, “Chickadee”

Cecilia Dewey for her acrylic painting, “Alaskan Native”

Michiko Taylor for her watercolor, “Pomegranate”

Linda Sauther for her ink drawing, “Pig with Scarf”

Theresa Parkinson for her pyrography with oil, “Chickadee on Sunflower”

Jon Chodat for his photo, “At a Mountain Pond”

Heidi Schmidt for her photo, “Landing for Lunch”

Ron Morrow for his sculpture, “Forest Flower”

Second Place Awards:

Eileen LaBarge for her oil painting, “Three Birches”

Jeanne Danforth for her acrylic painting, “Fly Away”

Christine Zavgren for her watercolor, “Tree Peonies from my Garden”

Tom Papazoglakis for his original pen & ink print, “Old Papazoglakis Home, Thibodaux, LA”

Kevin Matott for his linoleum block print, “The Soldier”

Bodo Schmidt for his photo, “Sunrise in Bar Harbor.”

Ron Morrow for his sculpture, “Finger Bowl.”

Third Place Awards:

Arnie Roberts for his oil painting, “Ranger”

Cecilia Dewey for her acrylic painting, “Trees”

Georgette Bacon for her watercolor, “Brook Trout”

Patricia Badlam Van Patten for her watercolor, “Lost Island”

Theresa Parkinson for her pyrography, “Baby Porcupine”

Anne Ray for her pastel, “Morning Drive”

Steven R. Parkinson for his photo, “River Solitude”

Cheeta Lazore-Dietlein for her sculpture, “Kate”

Honorable Mention Awards:

Joyce Machunis for her oil painting, “Basket of Apples”

Chris Jay for his acrylic painting, “Reading Dreams”

Georgette Bacon for her watercolor, “Reflections”

Lorna Eldred for her pen & ink drawing, “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing.”

Libby Cameron for her pen & ink drawing, “Stag”

Anne Ray for her pastel, “Midnight Prowler”

George Fairbanks for his photo, “Steam Power”

A unique feature of the Massena Artists Association’s Juried Art Exhibit is that there is no age limit. Children and young adults are encouraged to enter and exhibit their work. They are recognized with “Young Artist” awards.

This year’s Young Artist Award winners are:

First Place:

Kate Englert (age 15) for her ink drawing, “Untitled”

Honorable Mention:

Emily Cafarella, 15, for her colored pencil drawing, “Levi” and her marker drawing, “Pandora.”

Andrew Cook, age 12, for his sculptures, “The Antidisestablishmentarianism Wizard King I” and “The Antidisestablishmentarianism Wizard King II”

Another unique feature of this exhibit is that there is no theme or preferred medium. Each work is judged on its merit alone, and not on how well it fits into some standard of consistency. This produces an exhibit with an eclectic mix of work that is realistic and abstract, traditional and avant-garde, painting and other media.

The Massena Artists Association would like to thank Ed LaVarnway and Karan Cross for serving as this year’s judges. They had the difficult task of selecting the winning entries from a large number of pieces of excellent work, representing a wide variety of styles and media.

MAA’s 29th Annual Juried Art Exhibit will remain on display at the Massena Public Library, 41 Glenn Sr., through Friday, Feb. 28.

Artists may pick up their work at any time on Saturday, March 1.

"Hidden", a colored pencil drawing by Abby Treers of Massena, was awarded "Best of Show" in the Massena Artists Association's 29th Annual Juried Art Exhibit. The exhibit will remain on display at the Massena Public Library through February 28.