St. Lawrence County Masonic Citrus Sale under way
Wednesday, January 23, 2013 - 9:14 am

This year’s St. Lawrence County Masonic Citrus Sale is now in progress. Lodges in each community are taking orders for boxes of Naval Oranges, Florida Temples, and Red Grapefruit for delivery in early March. An annual favorite is the Citrus Sampler, which holds 24 Navel Oranges and 12 Red Grapefruit for only $29. A new, smaller box of California Naval oranges is being sold this year, ¼ bushel for $15. The other citrus is sold by the 2/5 bushel carton, and includes California Navels for $19, Florida Temples for $17, and Florida Grapefruit for $18.

Orders will be taken until Feb. 15. Once the orders are tallied and sent to the distributor, a delivery date is set, and the Masons organize to unload and distribute the fruit. Delivery is expected on March 2. All this is organized by the dozens of dedicated volunteer Masons throughout the area.

Your purchase of citrus will go a long way to assist the Masons in building and strengthening our community. To order your fruit, contact any Mason or Lodge in St. Lawrence County, or any of the following members:

•Massena: John Schneider at - 250-1765 or Everett Hampton - 769-3282

• Norwood/Norfolk/ Brasher: Howard Busch - 328-4933

• Parishville: Glenn Collins - 265-9196

• Colton: David Heidenreich - 265-3271

• Waddington: Phil Spadaccini - 388-7805

• Odgensburgh: Robert Barkley - 393-7511

• Edwards: Eli Tracy - 347-2283

• Gouverneur: Stephen Tharaldsen - 287-4603

• Canton: Dave Paradis - 265-6979

Hammond:Tim Pitcher - 324-5825

For more information about the various activities of the Masons and St. Lawrence Masonic Charities, ask any Mason or visit their website at

St. Lawrence Masonic Charities philanthropy includes funding for some Masonic endeavors as well. Equipment and supplies are purchased for the popular New York Masonic Safety ID Program and Masonic Blood Drives, held free of charge in local schools and at public events throughout the county, which are manned by many of the same Masons who help with fundraising. Other charities include storm relief centers, libraries, historical associations, and many more. The organization holds two major fundraisers per year, the Apple Sale in the fall and the Citrus Sale in February.