Pro football player Peter Gogolak to be honored in Ogdensburg Friday evening
Tuesday, September 12, 2017 - 5:29 pm

OGDENSBURG -- The Pride and Beautification Commission here is inviting the community to honor Peter and Charlie Gogolak with a plaque dedication Sept. 15, 5:30 p.m. at the Ogdensburg Free Academy Football Field.

The dedication will be followed by the Ogdensburg vs. Gouverneur football game at 7.

Peter Gogolak, place kicking pioneer and trailblazer, 2010 NY Giants Ring of Honor recipient, and 2015 National Football Foundation Award winner, will attend to meet community members.

Peter and Charlie came to Ogdensburg after escaping the tyranny of the Hungarian Revolution in the 1950’s.

Despite English being their second language, they achieved a very high level of excellence both in academics and athletics.

Graduating in 1960 (Peter) and 1962 (Charlie), they furthered their education as well as their athleticism at Cornell and Princeton.

After college, they both were drafted to play professional football, and throughout their careers broke standing records and achieved several honors and awards.

The Gogolaks are well remembered in Ogdensburg, in particular, the story about the boys never seeing a football game before coming to Ogdensburg. Coach Bill Plimpton noticed their abilities and unique kicking style and asked them to join the football team.

Their kicking style was from their experience playing soccer in Hungary and thus “soccer style” football kicking was born right here on the OFA football field.

Another local football coach has been quoted as saying, “The Gogolaks revolutionized the game of football by introducing this style of kicking which is now used in almost every level of football.”