Olympic Gold Medal swimmer Tyler Clary coming to Potsdam for youth clinics
Monday, May 14, 2018 - 6:20 am

POTSDAM -- Olympic gold medal-winning swimmer Tyler Clary is coming to Potsdam to teach backstroke, underwater dolphin kicking, breakouts, and transitions in individual medleys.

He will lead a Fitter and Faster Swim Clinic at SUNY Potsdam Saturday and Sunday, June 2 and 3.

Clary will teach two sessions designed for swimmers of all ages and abilities plus a third session for those who attended the age group sessions covering IM Transitions.

On June 2 he will focus on techniques for a faster backstroke, underwater dolphin kick, and explosive breakouts. Two sessions are available, one for kids 11 younger for $94.89 and another for those 12 and over for $105.44.

Swimmers may also sign up to attend a session on IM Transitions for $105.44. The backstroke to breaststroke turn can be difficult and even the top swimmers can get disqualified for doing it incorrectly. Clary will ensure participants are aware of the rules and able to turn from back to breast fast and efficiently.

There are spots available in the hands-on coaches program. Those interested in meeting and working alongside Clary during the clinic may register for the coaches program.

For more info on the clinic and the coaches program, visit https://fitterandfaster.com/swim-clinics/

Tyler Clary broke the Olympic record and won a gold medal in the 200-meter backstroke in London in 2012. He is also a dominant force in butterfly, freestyle, and IM.