Masons hold safety ID event during Colton Country Day
Friday, July 16, 2010 - 2:36 pm

COLTON -- The Masons of High Falls Lodge will be holding a safety ID event downtown during the Colton Country Day Saturday July 17.

The program is offered free of charge to all families within the county. Participating families will receive a packet containing items to assist law enforcement in the safe recovery of a lost or missing child, student, or adult.

Walk-ins will be welcome. Parents will complete a short questionnaire and sign a permission slip; they will receive a kit including a CD-ROM of information, including fingerprints and photos of their child, a laminated ID card, and a printout.

All information is given to the parents; only permission slips are retained.

The New York Masonic Safety Identification Program helps to address the fact that many children are reported missing in the United States each year. They urge families to keep this updateable information in a safe place, and to take it with them when traveling. This information can aid in the safe recovery of a lost or missing child.

If you have a previous ID done through the program, now is a good time to update the information, the Masons say. Attendees can bring the CD to the event and they will take new photos and update the info.

For more information, and forms and permission slips in advance, contact John Schneider, District Safety ID Chairman, at 250-1765 or