Horse training clinic in Rensselaer Falls Oct. 5
Thursday, October 4, 2012 - 6:18 am

RENSSELAER FALLS -- Expert horseman Joe Wolter will conduct a horse training clinic Oct. 5 to 7 at Putney's Hidden Meadows in Rensselaer Falls.

Rider enrollment is open and spectator spaces available.

The clinic will begin with morning horsemanship sessions, followed by cow working classes each afternoon.

Topics include colt starting, horsemanship, cow working and ranch roping. All are based on practical ranch experience and Wolter’s work with some of the world’s most renowned horsemen.

“I was fortunate to know a few truly great horsemen who were generous enough to share their knowledge and understanding of horses with me,” says Wolter. “I often think how lucky I was to get the opportunities and help I got when I did. These clinics are how I give back what was given to me.”

Along with clinics, Wolter trains horses for ranch and show, and competes in versatility ranch horse and ranch roping events. He and his wife Jimmie also operate cattle conditioning programs in Montana and Texas, using innovative grazing techniques.

The event is being sponsored locally by quarter horse breeder and horseman Howard Putney, who has hosted numerous other trainers in the past, including natural horsemanship pioneer Ray Hunt.

Wolter is known for his deep understanding of livestock and his simple, thoughtful approach to helping both animals and people. He holds training clinics across the country and at his own facilities in Texas and Montana.

More information about Wolter is available at

To watch or sign up to ride contact Howard Putney at 323-5248.