Food Sense Program available in Canton, Potsdam, Ogdensburg, Gouverneur
Wednesday, February 12, 2014 - 11:19 am

The Food Sense Program is a monthly food program available to all people in our area.

The local sites from which to order and pick up are the Potsdam Neighborhood Center, 265-3920, the Canton Neighborhood Center, 386-3541, Helping Hands, 268-0633, the Governeur Neighorhood Center, 287-3370, and Ogdensburg First Presbyterian Church 393-2510.

Order at these locations by March 6 and pick up on March 27. For $15.50 in cash or food stamps, this program will help stretch your food dollars.

Some items included in the March package include one-pound of ground turkey, chicken kabobs, Pollock fillets and frozen vegetables. Other foods include Salisbury patties, bologna, macaroni and cheese and fresh produce.

They also offer specials on chicken tenders, Hot Pockets, French fries, American cheese and more.