Cinema 10 begins fall season this Monday in Potsdan with “Take This Waltz”
Sunday, September 9, 2012 - 8:24 am

POTSDAM -- Cinema 10 begins its fall 2012 season of foreign and contemporary movies Monday Sept. 10 with Sarah Polley’s 2011 film “Take This Waltz.”

All Cinema 10 films are shown Mondays at 7:15 p.m. at the Roxy Theatre, 20 Main St. Tickets are $3.50 or $25 for season tickets for students and senior citizens, and $4.50 or $35 for season tickets for general admission.

“Take This Waltz” is a 2011 Canadian film focusing on writer Margot, played by Michelle Williams. She is married, but becoming bored with her life and her spouse, portrayed by Seth Rogen. The film features explicit and implicit sex.

Meeting her neighbor Daniel, Margot throws herself into the excitements of erotic love, freeing her from a home life that she sees as increasingly juvenile and predictable.

It’s an “almost perfect portrait of someone hooked on a feeling, someone high on believing,” says Michael O’Sullivan of The Washington Post. “In the end, it’s a story of misplaced faith. Not [(n) love exactly, but in the rush of infatuation, and the illusion that this feeling can be maintained, indefinitely, without crashing.”

The Cinema 10 schedule for the remainder of the season:

• Sept. 17 – “The Queen of Versailles,” a documentary about David and Jackie Siegel and their plans to recreate the palace of Versailles in the 90,000 square foot family home they were building in Orlando, Fla.

• Sept. 24 – “The Kid With a Bike,” a new film by the Dardenne brothers exploring accidental goodness and the bonds formed by happenstance through the gritty lens of documentary style filmmaking.

• Oct. 1 – “Pina,” which pushes 3-D technology into new realms in a documentary tribute to dancer Pina Bausch.

• Oct. 15 – “Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry,” Alison Klayman’s profile of the artist and activist Ai Weiwei, one of the designers of China’s Olympic stadium.

• Oct. 22 – “A Separation,” which features a family in Tehran forced into separation over a long-standing dispute.

• Oct. 29 – “Spirited Away,” Hayao Miyazaki’s enchanted tale of Chihiro, who finds herself in the darkly mysterious world of a magical Japanese bathhouse.

• Nov. 5 – “Sleepwalk With Me,” an adaptation of Mike Birbiglia’s one-man show, co-written with Ira Glass of This American Life and co-directed with Seth Barrish.

• Nov. 12 – “The Gold Rush,” in which the Klondike Gold Rush brings Charlie Chaplin's iconic Tramp character to the Yukon to find his fortune.

• Nov. 26 – “Beasts of the Southern Wild,” a modern-day mythic story set in Louisiana at the time of Hurricane Katrina.