Tony’s Canvas and Leather in Massena moving to bigger location
Friday, April 13, 2012 - 5:56 am

MASSENA – Tony’s Canvas and Leather will be moving a few hundred yards from owner Tony O’Geen’s house at 50 Grove Street to a storefront at 355 South Main Street.

O’Geen said he got the okay for the move Wednesday night from village authorities. He wants the move to be complete by the end of May.

“I’ll finally be able to put stuff into a showroom,” he said. He has been working out of his garage.

The leather and canvas working and repair business has been growing steadily, O’Geen says, as he makes and repairs all sorts of sporting goods from hockey bags to baseball mitts, and is now moving into shoe repair and boat and trailer covers.

“I fixed a baseball glove for an guy in Australia last year. That was funny” he said, surprised yet proud of the reach his business has via his web site.

The work continues to come in from places like Germany, and from Canada – “a lot more from Canada,” he said.

O’Geen said he will have much more room at the new place, with a cellar where he plans to do his leather and fabric cutting, and a main floor where he will do assembly and have his showroom.

His busiest time of the year is “probably right now, with hockey bag orders, and boat season coming up.”

He works with one part-timer now, and he says he’s thinking of hiring another.

He has a new logo up on his web site, he said.