St. Lawrence Federal Credit Union honored by Ogdensburg Chamber of Commerce
Wednesday, June 11, 2014 - 11:37 am

OGDENSBURG -- The Greater Ogdensburg Chamber of Commerce has named the St. Lawrence Federal Credit Union as its 2014 Business of the Quarter Award winner.

The chamber says the credit union was selected for establishing themselves as a reputable and respected financial entity in Ogdensburg, recently completing a major expansion of their facility in the Ogdensburg Bridge and Port Authority Commerce Park which brought new jobs or relocated jobs in the city.

In addition to their new facility, their second location on State Street is another well-kept facility employing a significant number of individuals and they are very active in supporting/sponsoring events in our community, according to the chamber.

“Their lending practices are beneficial to its members helping them purchase cars, boats, home improvements, all of which indirectly helps to make Ogdensburg a wonderful community,” the chamber says.

The credit union is celebrating their 60th year in business this year.

The criteria for the Greater Ogdensburg Chamber Commerce’s Business of the Quarter Award are as follows:

• Made improvements to the business which enhance the community/improved the façade of the business.

• Has shown growth in sales, square footage, employment levels, and/or growth in the products or services offered.

• Provides excellent customer service.

• Supports charitable and service organizations.

• Has increased community involvement.

• Has brought business to Ogdensburg.

• Increased their workforce.

The mission of the Greater Ogdensburg Chamber of Commerce is to advance the Civic, Commercial, Industrial and Agricultural interests of the City of Ogdensburg and surrounding areas, the promotion of the general welfare and prosperity of the City of Ogdensburg and the stimulation of the public sentiment to those ends: and the providing of social features as will promote these purposes.

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