St. Lawrence Federal Credit Union to open Potsdam location; emphasis on digital banking and marketing toward businesses
Wednesday, January 11, 2017 - 5:58 am


POTSDAM -- St. Lawrence Federal Credit Union will look to serve more of St. Lawrence County, including marketing toward businesses, when it expands to 6585 State Highway 56, just north of the village.

The 2,700 square foot building will have a more modern look with options for people to bank traditionally or electronically, said Chief Executive Officer Todd Mashaw.

“We are chartered for St. Lawrence County and we only serving customers around Canton and Ogdensburg,” Mashaw said. “So we are looking to serve more of St. Lawrence County.”

Mashaw said the new branch will likely open between May 1 and July 1, depending on how much is completed during winter months. The building is next to Price Chopper Plaza on the way to Norwood.

Mashaw said he originally thought the location was inside the village, but it is not.

“We went through the town board and it was a smooth process and everyone was easy to work with including the planning board,” he said.

The branch will offer two ATMs with deposit modules, one on the wall and one at an island, allowing for customers to make deposits, withdraw money and other transactions, Mashaw said. There will be no tubes or windows.

“People looking for more traditional banking, face-to-face, can come inside for that,” he said.

The credit union will begin marketing toward businesses as they look to expand.

“We are more weighted toward individuals but will be looking to do more business deposits and lending,” he said.

“We will knock on some doors and try to make businesses aware of what we are doing,” Mashaw said. He noted the bank does currently handle some small business and organization’s banking needs such as cemetery associations and salons.

The credit union is placing an emphasis on the digital ad electronic side of banking.

“If you want to do banking traditionally, you can come in, and if you want to do it electronically through a phone, computer or iPad, we can accommodate that too,” Mashaw said.

“Things might look less traditional but we can still serve everyone,” he said.

Mashaw says there will be no desks when banking. Instead customers will sit side-by-side with bank personnel at pods.

There will also be no traditional lines for tellers.

There will be another ATM with a deposit module inside the lobby. “If you prefer to come in or the lines outside are long, it will be there to use,” he said.

The bank will employ four to five people, depending on demand, Mashaw said.

P.W. Campbell, Jenkintown, Penn., is coordinating the construction with all work being completed by contractors from St. Lawrence County.