St. Lawrence County sales tax receipts for 2012 almost $42 million, up 1.8 percent
Wednesday, January 30, 2013 - 11:57 am


CANTON – St. Lawrence County saw a modest 1.8 percent increase in sales tax revenues for 2012 over 2011.

The county has received $41,956,358 in revenue from its three percent sales tax rate, about $750,000 more than for 2011, according to county treasurer Kevin Felt.

It has been his practice, he said, to plan on receiving in sales taxes for a year what had been actually received the year before, and that seems to have worked out.

“We had budgeted for $41.2 million for 2012, and have budgeted $42.1 million for 2013, so if we carry the same 1.8 percent this year, we’ll have met the budgeted amount,” Felt said.