St. Lawrence Chocolates in Potsdam featured on new chocolate 'app'
Thursday, March 31, 2011 - 6:26 am

POTSDAM – St. Lawrence Chocolates, 4 Main St., will pop up on a smartphone or iPad when people in the area are looking for a chocolate fix. has devised a new app for mobile devices running Android or Apple’s platform that can find a chocolate dealer near you from among its database of 1,800 chocolate shops around the world.

Owned by Ellen and Tom Nesbitt, with Ellen’s sister Angela Ballou as the chief chocolate maker and shop manager, the shop has always had an eye on virtual marketing since the store opened in 2006.

“We’ve been listed on the site for a few years,” said Ellen Nesbitt. “Ecole Chocolat in Vancouver, B.C. operates the site as a way for its graduates to market their businesses. As a graduate, we were really excited to hear they were creating an app for the map.”

The program, a free download, will show a shop’s location on a map, its website, and a brief description of the shop.

“It won’t bring in thousands or even hundreds of new customers, but it is a great tool,” said Nesbitt.

The app can be downloaded from Android Market, Apple’s app store at iTunes, or