Radio station YES-fm back on air after lightning strike destroys transmission building
Tuesday, February 5, 2013 - 5:44 pm


OGDENSBURG -- Weeks after lightning destroyed a transmission building on Black Lake Road, YES FM is back on the air.

John Winter, general manager of YES FM, PAC 98.7 and Q-Country 102.9 said the station, which has been offline since Jan. 20, began broadcasting Monday afternoon.

"We ordered a small storage barn to act as a temporary site," he said.

The transmission building also housed PAC 98.7, which remains offline. Q-Country was not impacted by the damage.

"We have an engineer that has been working on it since the fire and we have a tower crew coming up tomorrow to climb the tower to find out where the issue might be on the transmission lines," he said Tuesday afternoon.

Winter said he was uncertain when PAC would be up and running, but assured listeners that it is a priority.

"We had some real cold weather that first week which made things difficult," he said. "But, we've been working on it every day."

Winter said he appreciated the support of the stations' audience and advertisers.

"We want to thank our advertisers for sticking with us through this process and to our listeners for their patience in what we went through with YES FM and what we are going though with PAC 98.7."

The transmission building was destroyed Jan. 20 when lightning struck a tower and burned down the transmission site. Winter said no one was injured during the strike.

"Luckily nobody was in the building," he said.