Potsdam’s Kidz Closet to expand offerings, not close, following purchase by new owners
Saturday, February 25, 2012 - 8:11 am


POTSDAM -- The Kidz Closet will become the Kidz Klozet & More, and will not close as had been planned.

“We don’t want to see it close,” said Mary Smith, owner of McGregor Electric of Potsdam who, along with Jeannie Williams of Potsdam, owner of Shear Creations salon right near the Clozet, are buying the second-hand clothing business at 75 Market St.

Current owner Paula Vernile of Madrid said the shop would be open through March 3 and then would close, after two years of operation.

Smith and Williams just thought the store was too good of an idea to abandon, so they will keep it open, expand business hours, and broaden the offerings.

The Kloset will still mainly carry clothing for kids.

“Our goal is to expand the adult clothing,” Smith said, and they will take name-brand teen clothing and accessories, and seasonal items like prom dresses, and “anything we can reasonably recycle.”

“We just didn’t want the doors to close, because when that happens, it’s much harder to start up again.” Smith said.

In addition to Smith and Williams, two part-timers are expected to be working in the store.

The store’s telephone number will remain the same, 274-9140.