Owner of just-closed Angelo's Seafood in Potsdam takes job at Deer Valley Trails
Monday, December 20, 2010 - 5:05 pm


POTSDAM – The owner of a seafood restaurant which has closed has taken a job as a chef in St. Regis Falls.

Angelo Landi, Jr., owner of Angelo’s Fresh Seafood and Takeout, 43 Maple St., which closed, last week, has taken a job as executive chef at Deer Valley Trails in St. Regis Falls .

Landi said the general economic situation and the oils spill in the Gulf of Mexico this year were factors in his decision to close the business.

“The economy has been rough over he last year,” Landi said.

“And the oil spill tripled the cost of seafood. That’s an expense I didn’t feel I could pass on to the consumer. I couldn’t justify raising prices nor would customers accept the raising of prices.

“We were known for seafood, but we could not afford the quality anymore.”

Landi said he “didn’t have the energy to reinvent myself, and it would have been an expensive proposition.”

He says a couple of people have led him to believe they might be interested in renting the building on Maple Street.