Owens asks small business owners to help ID federal regs that impede them
Friday, February 25, 2011 - 2:05 pm

Congressman Bill Owens says he wants small business owners in New York’s 23rd Congressional District to help identify existing and proposed federal regulations that impede economic development and job creation.

Business owners are encouraged to share experiences and ideas with Owens through a new page on his website at https://owens.house.gov/Contact/SmallBizRegs.htm.

Small business owners will find space on the new webpage to report descriptions of what they consider to be onerous regulations, to estimate time and cost required for compliance, and to propose solutions.

Congressman Owens recently joined a bipartisan group of colleagues in urging the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to exempt milk spills from being classified in the same manner as oil spills under the Oil Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure program. On February 15, Owens met with the EPA and was assured the regulation would not be adopted.

Owens worked with local stakeholders and a bipartisan group of colleagues in urging the EPA to abandon a proposed rule that, in their estimation, would over-regulate the waste oil created when motorists perform their own oil changes.

"In his State of the Union address, the President called for a review of federal regulations. I couldn’t agree more that reducing regulation and streamlining government in order to create jobs is a top priority.” added Owens.

“I have had the opportunity to hear about many of these issues through meetings with constituents, and I hope to cast a wider net with this request for feedback,” Owens said. “Through this new webpage, I look forward to hearing from entrepreneurs across Upstate on regulations that are unnecessary, cost money, and waste time.”