Outlet Center of Ogdensburg fails to re-open Canton Hacketts
Wednesday, October 6, 2010 - 6:25 am

CANTON – The former Hacketts store at 19 Miner St. remains closed in spite of the plan last June to close it for the summer and re open in the fall.

The company, now calling itself Outlet Center of Ogdensburg, is still working its way out of bankruptcy and has not re-opened the Canton store. A sign saying it would re-open after Labor Day remains in the window.

“We’re waiting to see how the local economy is in the neighborhood,” said CEO Herbert Becker. “It doeesn’t look like there’s enough demand.”.

Calling it a “seasonal store,” Becker said in June that the company’s store in Canton would close after Memorial Day and open again after Labor Day.

The variety-store chain has been working through a bankruptcy after a cash shortfall forced the closure of several stores and non-payment to creditors. The Ogdensburg location remains open.

“We’re aggressively promoting the outlet store, and hoping to bring in two more stores,” Becker said, in order to give the Ogdensburg plaza “more of a plaza feel.”

“We’re inching forward as much as we can in bad economic times,” Becker said.