Ogdensburg Public Library director hands in resignation, says city dragged on contract renewal
Monday, December 30, 2013 - 11:47 am

OGDENSBURG -- After five years on the job Ogdensburg Public Library Directory Wayne Miller will resign.

"I submitted my letter of resignation to the president of the Board of Trustees. I have truly enjoyed my work. However, a year has passed since my director’s contract expired. And a lack of progress toward renewal convinced me now is the time to retire," he said.

Miller said he has enjoyed his time in Ogdensburg, but will pursuing other interests.

"The world can be cruel. It needs more kindness. And I trust the library I leave is warmer and kinder than the one I found. It is a comfort that OPL has a great staff who will continue to be there to help people," he said. "For my part, it is now time to take a step back from the Library as it charts a new course. I will now use my skills and energy to make a difference in new ways."