Ogdensburg International Airport to undergo major $10 million expansion including 1,200-foot runway extension, relocation of Route 68
Friday, December 27, 2013 - 6:30 pm

OGDENSBURG – The Ogdensburg Bridge and Port Authority today announced a major $10 million, two-year expansion of the Ogdensburg International Airport.

The expansion is part of an OBPA effort to revitalize the North Country’s economy by attracting new jobs and new investment to the region, according to Wade A. Davis, Executive Director

The airport expansion will consist of a 1,200-foot runway extension, relocation of Route 68, terminal upgrades, and a waterline to the airport for fire protection.

The expansion will take two years to complete and result in nearly 40,000 outbound passengers annually on a large commercial aircraft to warmer climates in the initial phase, OBPA officials said in a prepared statement.

“This project didn’t just happen, rather it is a culmination of proactive efforts by the Authority and its partners to take on risk to attract interested airlines by promoting direct access to the fourth largest Canadian air market,” said Davis.

“The City of Ogdensburg is a key partner in the airport expansion process through an anticipated water agreement scheduled for discussion with the City on Jan. 6,” he said.

Said OBPA Chairperson Samuel J. LaMacchia, “The OBPA has worked on this vision for a few years, and there are many steps before this becomes a reality. The project when completed will provide major air service for the North Country Region.”

“The opportunity to grow the airport will make Ogdensburg a destination, and that creates opportunities for tourism industry growth and job creation,” said Frederick S. Morrill, the Authority’s Deputy Executive Director and chief financial officer. “The Conference Board of Canada projects that over five million Canadians will cross the Unites States border by land in 2013 to fly out of US airports.”

OBPA operates the Ogdensburg-Prescott International Bridge, Port of Ogdensburg, New York & Ogdensburg Railway, Commerce Park and the Ogdensburg International Airport.

Oversight is provided by the OBPA Board of Directors including LaMacchia, Frederick J. Carter, Sr., Douglas W. Loffler, Donald J. Hooper, Ramona A. Breen, Steven J. Barlow, Gavin M. Regan and. Davis.

The Authority’s mission is to manage regional infrastructure while working with the private sector to create jobs and investment.