Ogdensburg hopes to use website to sell vacant properties, improve access to information
Wednesday, March 12, 2014 - 6:05 am

OGDENSBURG – Information on all city-owned properties will soon be available on Ogdensburg’s website.

City manager John Pinkerton said city assessor Bruce Green and city secretary Coralee Barrett were compiling all of the city’s property including tax numbers, addresses, dimensions and pictures and would soon be making available at Ogdensburg.org.

He said the goal was to highlight and provide easy access to information regarding the properties the city owns and wants to sell.

He said Barrett and Green have been working on the project for several weeks and it was nearing completion.

Pinkerton said that while the focus will be on the properties the city plans to market, the website will also include other properties owned by the city.

Pinkerton did not have an official launch date for the new webpage, but said it was expected to be complete before the end of the month.