New Tim Horton's in Ogdensburg hiring, trying to keep up with demand
Wednesday, December 19, 2012 - 2:38 pm


OGDENSBURG -- Tim Horton's Bake Shop in Ogdensburg is struggling to keep up with demand only a few days after opening its doors.

"I've hired 27 people and that is not enough. I hired another person this morning and I have interviews lined up," said Mike Webster, Director of Operations for Parkway Food and Fuel Division, which operates the franchise.

Webster said he expects to maintain 30 positions at the store, with 10 of those jobs as full-time.

"It's exciting to be able to put people to work," he said.

Webster said there is always anxiety surrounding a business opening, but that died quickly as customers lined up outside.

"There is a lot of that last minute pressure to get things done on time, but we were able to do it," he said.

Webster said he couldn't estimate the number of people the restaurant has served since it opened Monday, because of the steady stream of customers.

"It's been too busy to tell. It's been crazy busy."

Webster said the store receives deliveries twice a week and actually ran out of some of kinds of donuts.

"We underestimated initially and we scrambled a bit to get that taken care of," he said.

Webster said he hopes the success will carry over to the proposed stores in Raymondville, Morristown and Potsdam.

"This was the big one and things are going great," he said.

Webster said Raymondville location is expected to open in February, while the Morristown store is planned to open in April.

A Potsdam location is also planned, but opening dates for that store are not definite.

“We are continuing on as planned,” he said.

Webster estimated the stores the other stores would employee about 15 people each.