New multi-modal bulk rail freight service center opening in Norwood; open house Dec. 10
Monday, December 6, 2010 - 11:36 am

NORWOOD – Improved bulk rail freight service to northeastern St. Lawrence County is expected with the opening of the “Norwood Terminal.”

Owned and operated by Knowlton And Son Inc. (K&S) of Norwood, the new multi-modal facility will provide commercial bulk freight access to Norwood, Norfolk, Potsdam, Canton, Massena and other communities in the area.

An open house and presentation will take place at the Norwood Terminal, 1252 River Rd., to mark the first shipments on Friday, Dec. 10 at 10 a.m.

K&S has already been providing cost-efficient and creative bulk services, routinely working with the New York & Ogdensburg Railway (NYOG) that owns the line from Norwood to Ogdensburg. K & S also works with the Ogdensburg Bridge and Port Authority and various shippers to transfer and deliver commodities such as glass cullet, road salt, ferrites, and agricultural feed and grain products to the North Country.

“We have had requests to expand into market areas that were inadequately served.” said Mike Knowlton, K&S president. He said other value-added functions that shippers demand, such as indoor transfer activity, truck delivery and extended business hours tailored to the customer’s needs have been added.

NYOG has been working closely with K&S since 2006. K&S is a VRS-Connect affiliate, partnering with the railways to provide value added services for rail shippers at various locations.

The NYOG is owned by OBPA and is leased to and operated independently by Vermont Rail System (VRS). The website address is

“NYOG and its predecessors have been providing rail access to local communities for well over 100 years,”, said Knowlton.

Said Jerome Hebda of VRS, “We work closely with OBPA, CSXT, K&S, and a variety of shippers, to develop and support local rail business.”

For more information about K & S, contact Knowlton at [email protected] or 232-4763. For information about NYOG, contact Hebda at [email protected] or 802-373-4677.