New iPhone app for parents designed by Potsdam High School graduate
Friday, December 16, 2011 - 6:21 am

Want to know how your kid’s doing in school? A Potsdam native has an app for that.

Tom Grant, co-owner and programmer at Stand Fast Software, Westmoreland, N.Y., and Potsdam High School class of 1991 grad, has announced the launch of Art Keep, the company’s first application for Apple’s iPhone.

Available exclusively on iTunes, Art Keep allows users to take a photo of their child’s artwork, and save it on their iPhone or IPod Touch, for viewing or for sharing.

“We think of Art Keep as a photography tool as well as a communication tool. By capturing an image of your child’s adorable artwork, parents will be able to instantly show friends, email family, or upload to a Facebook account,” Grant said.

The app has the capability to add captions, and organize artwork by child and grade levels, too.

“The next time someone asks how your children are doing in school or what they’ve been up to at day care, you can show them on your iPhone. Plus, when your children see you showing your pride in their work, it boosts their confidence.”

Art Keep is available exclusively on iTunes for $1.99. A link to iTunes is also located on the company’s website,

“It’s a great time to launch a new app, as we near the middle of the school year,” Grant said. “Kids bring home schoolwork and drawings nearly every day. It doesn’t take long for it to pile up around the house. Now parents have a way to keep track of it digitally and hold onto those memories.”

Stand Fast Software is an independent developer of software, established in 2009.