New digital sign in Ogdensburg welcoming travelers and promoting business
Thursday, December 27, 2012 - 9:06 am

OGDENSBURG –The Ogdensburg Bridge and Port Authority has a new digital sign welcoming travelers and promoting business recruitment efforts in St. Lawrence County.

The 11-by-11-foot digital sign was produced by Fiberdyne Labs in Frankfort, New York and is mounted in the median north of the toll booth at the Ogdensburg-Prescott Bridge ensuring high visibility from both the north and southbound travel lanes

The sign, which cost $52,000, includes static display and full video display capabilities.

“The digital sign will assist in attracting customers to our facilities and Ogdensburg,” said OBPA Director of Commercial and Industrial Development John A. Rishe. “It raises OBPA’s profile for the thousands of potential customers that cross our bridge on a monthly basis.”

“Expanding public awareness of the Authority’s activities is essential in creating jobs and increasing investment opportunities for the region” said Authority Executive Director Wade Davis. “The new sign allows us to reach over 700,000 individuals and businesses annually promoting the benefits of northern New York.”

The Ogdensburg Bridge and Port Authority operates the Ogdensburg-Prescott International Bridge, the Port of Ogdensburg, the New York and Ogdensburg Railway, Commerce Park and the Ogdensburg International Airport.

The authority’s mission is to manage regional infrastructure while working with the private sector to create jobs and investment.