New Cornerstone Services Norwood company providing water treatment
Tuesday, April 24, 2018 - 12:07 pm

NORWOOD -- Cornerstone Services is now selling water treatment services through a new company under their umbrella called Advantage Water Solutions.

Ward Remington of Parishville will oversee Advantage.

They will sell disinfection systems (chlorination or an ultraviolet system) water softeners, filtration for taste, odor, or sedimentation and reverse osmosis systems for dealing with impurities such as lead, chloramines, pesticides, nitrates, sodium and other contaminants. They can also assist commercial customers in getting approval from a local health unit that may have jurisdiction over their operations.

Remington recently retired after 33 years with the New York State Department of Health.

“He also is continually researching and implementing cutting edge technologies to make sure that Advantage Water Solutions continues to provide the best products on the market to its customers,” according to a news release from Cornerstone.

“Advantage Water Solutions will give people the option to treat what’s in their water, in most cases with a variety of options. We will go in to homes and businesses, test the water to see what type of system is needed, and then work to provide the customer with a system designed specifically to treat that space. It’s simple really,” he continued, “I just want to help people really understand what’s in their water and what they can do to make it better,” Remington said in a prepared statement from the company.

Advantage’s website and phone number are and 315-262-7387.