New business based in Madrid to provide gear to first responders, emergency workers
Friday, August 29, 2014 - 8:53 am


MADRID -- A new company supplying equipment to first responders, medical personnel and people concerned with first aid has been started by two people from Madrid.

Jennifer Collins and Matt Carr, volunteers in firefighting and EMS, have started Heros Haven to provide a local source for a wide variety of supplies that firefighters, EMS and other medical people, police and others need and use.

“We started this business to help our fellow agencies with decreased budgets,” said Collins. “We know and understand that small towns and companies are working on a budget and every penny counts.

“We started researching companies to work with us so that we could get the best prices for our community, friends and family,” she said.

They list things such as communications devices, lighting of all sorts, fire apparatus, CPR training courses, apparel such as footwear and safety vests, basic medical supplies and first aid kits.

Collins says they have been doing it for about a year and have developed a loyal local customer base.

Right now they have an online store at, a Facebook page at, and email at [email protected], and they have been making frequent visits at first responder stations.

The two list their individual email addresses and phone numbers, [email protected], 244-4341, and [email protected], 262-7542.

“Eventually we have a plan to have a store front locally,” Collins said. “Our next step is to purchase a trailer in order to make ourselves mobile, kind of like the "Snap-On" truck for fire/ems and public safety. We can visit stations and agencies with a few stocked supplies and a place to browse samples of what we have.”

Collins said they have done business in the past year with several local fire and rescue agencies, educational institutions, “and several fire/EMS personnel looking to outfit their personal vehicles.”

They are accepting major credit cards and PayPal, and can arrange for layaway purchases.

Depending on how things go, they would like to offer apparel and other items from the storefront and hire people to staff that and do delivery and equipment setup.

“I would like to be the medical supply go-to for the ambulances, hospitals, schools and clinics in the future,” Collins said.