National Grid electric bills could go down by about 5 percent starting in April
Tuesday, December 11, 2012 - 11:43 am

Electric customers in St. Lawrence County could see a reduction in the delivery charge from National Grid under a settlement plan between the company and the state announced Monday.

The three-year proposal will mean that a typical National Grid residential electric customer will see their delivery portion of the bill go down approximately 10 percent in the first year, beginning in April.

Since the delivery charge currently is about half of a typical customer’s bill, that amounts to a reduction of about five percent in the overall bill. The rest of the bill is for the energy itself.

The proposal also aims at stabilizing the price for delivering electricity into 2016.

The agreement proposal, between National Grid and the New York State Department of Public Service, is part of the restructuring of billing since National Grid has finished paying off Niagara Mohawk for the purchase of its equipment.

National Grid said that even with small increases in the delivery charge over the next two years, the total will still be less than it is today.

The energy itself, aside from its delivery, is not set by National Grid and will fluctuate with variations in the cost of the energy.

The proposal is now subject to administrative review, public comment, and final consideration by the Public Service Commission.