Massena town board gets free legal consultation on Comcast franchise proposal
Friday, June 20, 2014 - 5:31 pm

MASSENA -- The Town Council will consult with the Cohen Law Firm before deciding whether or not to sign a franchise agreement with Comcast.

Town Supervisor Joseph Gray said they will review the terms of the deal and tell the board what their options are at no charge.

Gray said Comcast officials told him that it is the same deal as Time Warner Cable offered, but he is skeptical.

"They say 'oh everything will carry over, sign on the dotted line and move forward,'" Gray said.

The town doesn't have a franchise agreement with Time Warner Cable, which is being bought out by Comcast.

The deal includes a small fee tacked on to every customer's bill within the municipality which goes to the town, which in Massena's case would be about $40,000 per year, Gray said. If the town doesn't sign, the customers aren't charged.