Massena council hires interim code officer at $35 per hour
Thursday, May 22, 2014 - 8:52 am


MASSENA -- In what the Town Council is hoping will be the beginning of the end of their issues with the code enforcement office, they voted unanimously Thursday night to hire Dale Beaulieu as interim code officer.

He will receive $35 per hour for his services and be paid mileage when he uses his personal vehicle.

Beaulieu has held the position in the past and is a retired Massena fire truck driver.

“He’s fully qualified, he has experience and he’s willing to do it,” Gray said. “He knows the code, he will enforce it … he’s got a great temperament for the job.”

Town Supervisor Joseph Gray said Beaulieu doesn’t want to do the job for very long, which is why he demanded such a high wage. He hopes it will motivate the town to find a permanent solution, Gray said.

The supervisor said he wants to negotiate with with village to have the fire department take over the job.

Members of the public voiced frustration at the lack of a steady code officer during public comment. Peter Devine, who was hired in August resigned recently, leaving the position vacant.

Two Old River Road residents Mark Tyo and Francis Gerald complained that an obstetrician and gynecologist, Dr. Miljan Stankovic, is illegally practicing medicine in his home and his property is not up to code.

Stankovic is under a state supreme court order to not run a practice at his home.

Gerald says a fence on the doctor’s property is in disrepair and falling onto his lawn.

“It’s been out of code since he put it up,” Gerald said.

“In my experience, he’s hard-headed and unreasonable and he thinks he can flaunt the court’s decision,” Gray said. “We’ll hold him in contempt of court and throw him in jail, if we need to.”

Other village residents are concerned about dumping along sparsely traveled roads.

Susan Gray, a town resident, talked about refusing being left on LeRoux and Brouse roads, including piles of roof shingles. She suggested the town post signs warning of the penalty for illegal dumping and believes those caught should be subjected to punishment that’s “something shameful.”