Lower St. Lawrence County unemployment trend reversed in January
Tuesday, March 11, 2014 - 2:36 pm

The unemployment figures for January from the New York State Department of Labor show a reversal of the recent downward trend in joblessness in St. Lawrence County.

The January unemployment rate in the county jumped from 8.1 percent in December to 9.5 percent, an increase of 1.4 percent in one month.

But St. Lawrence County is not alone. The jobless rates as reported by the New York State Department of Labor today show increases of a whole percentage point or more among nearly all counties in the state outside of major labor areas. This suggests a reversal of the downward trend, or an adjustment or correction to previous figures, or both.

The DOL counts the number of people on unemployment insurance in St. Lawrence County at 4,500 in January, up from 3,800 in December. The reported number of people employed fell, to 42,600 in January from 43,300 in December.

In Jefferson County, to our west, the unemployment rate increased to 10.0 percent in January, up from 9.1 percent in December.

To our east, in Franklin County, the rate stood at 9.3 percent in January, from 8.0 percent in December.

The figures reported today for January are considered preliminary and are not yet adjusted by the DOL to compensate for normal seasonal variations.