Jobless rate in St. Lawrence County and around the state higher for December
Tuesday, January 22, 2013 - 5:39 pm

Jobless rates across the state, including in St. Lawrence County, were reported to be higher in December than November.

Unemployment figures for December released today by the state Department of Labor show increases including a rise in St. Lawrence County from 9.4 percent in November to 10.2 percent in December.

All across upstate, increases in joblessness from November to December ranged from .3 percent to our southeast in Hamilton County to a rise of 1.7 percent to our southwest in Lewis County.

The our immediate west, the jobless rate in Jefferson County rose from 9.4 percent in November to 10.4 percent in December.

In Franklin County, to our east, unemployment rose from 9.3 percent in November up to 10.1 percent for December.

All those December figures are higher than those for the same month a year before.

In St. Lawrence County, the December 2012 rate of 10.2 percent was higher than the December 2011 rate of 9.9 percent.

While joblessness is higher in St. Lawrence County, the county is no longer lingering at the bottom of the county unemployment list.

Nearby counties with a jobless rate for December that is higher than St. Lawrence’s include Jefferson, Lewis, Hamilton, Oswego and Essex counties.