Illusion ATC moves from Clarkson incubator to Massena Industrial park
Monday, June 2, 2014 - 5:31 pm

MASSENA -- The River Valley Agency and St. Lawrence County Industrial Development Agency have a second tenant in the Lot 19 Building in the Massena Industrial Park.

Illusion ATC, a former occupant of the Peyton Hall Incubator at Clarkson, is leasing approximately 1,000 square feet next to space occupied by Fockler Industries.

The River Valley Agency purchased the formerly vacant Lot 18 and 19 buildings in the Massena park two years ago and has been working with the IDA to revitalize and market the buildings since the acquisition.

The IDA received a $60,000 grant through last year’s Regional Economic Development Council Consolidated Funding Application process last year in to assist with improvements to the buildings.

St. Lawrence County Industrial Development Agency CEO Patrick J. Kelly said this is good news for the county. He said this lease and recent loans that to Riverside Iron Works in Gouverneur, which is expected to create 12 jobs, and BlastBoss in Ogdensburg, which is expected to create four jobs, were signs of good things to come.

“Obviously we like to see new companies come to the area, and putting underutilized facilities back into production is very positive. Each one of these projects also has the potential to grow, and the more we can encourage and stimulate this kind of potential, the better.”

Kelly said the St. Lawrence River Valley Redevelopment Agency will be funding several community development projects in June.