Farrand’s Flowers of Ogdensburg has new owner, new location
Sunday, May 12, 2013 - 5:55 pm


OGDENSBURG – Farrand’s Flowers has a new owner and has moved from the 118 King Street location they had occupied for more than 70 years.

Pat Kelley, who has worked with John and Belva Farrand on and off for years, is buying the business, and has moved it to a new shop at 1031 Patterson St.

Kelley has a degree in ornamental horticulture, and has worked as a designer with the Farrands since the 1980s, part-time and more recently full-time.

John Farrand, whose parents, William and Martha Farrand, founded the business on King Street in 1940, said two things came together before the sale and move came to pass.

“We made a deal with (Claxton) Hepburn Hospital to purchase the property” on King Street, right across Ford Avenue from the hospital, “and Pat said she wanted to buy the business,” he said.

He said he took over the business from his parents after he had gone to school, started a landscaping business, merged it with the flower business, and just kept it going when his parents were ready to give it up.

John Farrand said he and Belva will “continue with Pat to help her through Mother’s Day and the big move, and act as consultants” as required after that.

Kelley said she “did some research and decided this would be the best location.” She said she was “proud to say we didn’t have to close one day” as the May 4 move took place.

“It’s still organized chaos. We are still organizing and are totally open for business, and gearing up for Mother’s Day. Just today two truckloads of fresh hanging baskets came in.”

John Farrand said the sale and move “happened so fast, we’re not sure” what they will be doing, other than spending more time with family, who are living in Gouverneur, Manhattan, Long Island and Las Vegas.