Director of St. Lawrence County Historical Association leaving for love of beer
Thursday, January 16, 2014 - 5:31 pm


CANTON – Trent Trulock, historian and director of the St. Lawrence County Historical Association, is leaving his Silas Wright House office for a position with the St. Lawrence Brewing Company.

“I’m passionate about museums – this is my fourth – but I’m also passionate about beer,” Trulock said.

His last day at the Main Street museum will be Jan. 31, after which he will begin his new job as sales director with the craft brewing company. Canton’s Blackbird Café has its brewery in the business park on Commerce Lane.

“I’m interested in something different,” Trulock said. “I can use the skills developed in history and museum management for an adult beverage company.”

He said he has done some home brewing in the past, but not to his complete satisfaction. “I like beer, and I know the basic process. And I enjoy drinking some good craft beer other than my own.

“I know I will enjoy introducing people to what the brewmeister and brewing staff put together,” he said.

The historical association’s personnel committee was to meet Thursday to decide on recommendations to the full board on appointment of an interim director and about appointing a search committee to find someone to replace Trulock.