County officials asking local businesses to ‘return the favor’ to military veterans
Saturday, February 18, 2012 - 5:48 pm

Some St. Lawrence County officials are asking businesses in the county to “Return the Favor” to military service veterans by arranging discounts for products and services.

In a message to business owners in the county, County Clerk Mary Lou Rupp and Veterans Services Director Michael Boprey, Jr., explain the “Return the Favor – Thank You for Your Service” initiative is getting under way lining up businesses to participate.

Eligible veterans will get a picture ID card, and the county will provide a professionally designed window decal identifying each business as a participant. The merchants’ names, addresses and discount offers will be printed in a pamphlet that will be distributed to St. Lawrence County veterans.

The goal of the organization is to be up and running by Veterans Appreciation Day on June 16.

For a merchant application form, email Rupp at [email protected], or phone 379-2237.