Corning donates funds to purchase ultrasound machine for infants, young children at Canton-Potsdam Hospital
Sunday, September 9, 2012 - 5:08 pm

POTSDAM -- The Corning Incorporated Foundation recently donated funds toward purchase of a pediatric ultrasound transducer at the Canton-Potsdam Hospital.

Ultrasound is a quick, portable, and painless mechanism for imaging soft tissue in the body. Unlike a CT scan or X-ray, ultrasound delivers no radiation.

All these features make it well-suited for diagnosing infants and very young children. The ultrasound transducer is the “wand” or “microphone” placed on the body to conduct the ultrasound waves to a computer.

A neonatal transducer enables medical staff to look between the bones of a baby’s skull before they knit together around age one. This allows for the detection of bleeding on the brain, excessive fluid (hydrocephalus), birth defects, tumors, or other brain injuries.

Corning has contributed to Canton-Potsdam Hospital in nine of the past ten years, helping to purchase medical equipment.